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The project consists of a U-shaped block enclosing 20,000m2 of column-free floor space capable of accommodating three 747 Boeings/DC 10s or seven smaller sized planes at any one time. The hangar is the largest single-span hangar in the world*.

Due to necessary restrictions, the building is 43-m high accommodating ten storeys and a basement. The SIA corporate offices and engineering workshop is housed within the block. The 58,080 m2 site is located south of the Cafhi Fuel Farm, and north of the Animal Quarantine Unit and the Customs Office at the airport. Marked on the Master Plan as north-south length-wise, the site determined the orientation of the building. The open end faces the sea and takes advantage of the sea breezes. This is the airside where the aircraft approaching from the Passenger Terminal Building go due north and west to enter the hangar from the aircraft parking apron. On the landside, vehicular traffic taking the coastal road travel due north and make a westward U-turn to reach the two main access points on the western boundary. From these points, traffic can proceed to the two basement car parks at the northern and southern ends of the building by two ramps leading from the 14 m wide service road.

The SIA corporate offices and engineering workshop occupies 90,000 m2 of the U-shaped block. An outhouse for the Engineering Department incorporates the X-ray room for testing aircraft engines, an inflammable store and a generator test room. An electrical substation and a fire tender house lie on the northern boundary within the site. The 15-m deep fascia of the roof is covered with metal cladding, and the horizontal span is supported at its ends by the roof support assemblies along the perimeter of the hangar wall. The hangar space is unenclosed as it is a protected area. Horizontal concrete bands, expressing the function of the other three elevations, are broken at intervals by a total of six vertical service cores placed strategically for safe escape distances from within the annexe.


Status : Completed in 1982

Scale : Hangar for 3 x 747 Boeing Planes with 10-Storeys Annex Block and 1 Basement

Building Height : 43 m

Site Area : 58,080 m2

Gross Site Area : -