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Singapore Science Centre was the first project RWAA won through an architectural competition which was conducted by the Singapore Science Centre Board, Ministry of Science and Technology in 1971.

Singapore Science Centre is a milestone in Singapore’s advancement in the pursuit of science and technology. It is an exhibition building which houses all that one wants to know about science, e.g. space  exploration, energy, evolution of all forms of life, computers, communication, neuclear science, etc.

The younger generation is given an opportunity to see and participate in actual experiments inside the building rather than reading science textbooks and school experiments. In essence, it is a building to stimulate the student’s desire for scientific knowledge. 

Because Singapore Science Centre’s brief emphasized to have a predetermined expansion programme, the radial concept was suitable. The building has a central lobby as the collection point from which the rest of the building radiates from, i.e. the exhibit galleries, stores and workshops. This radial concept will cater for future expansion, which can be at single stage or phased stages at a later date, without hindering the operation of the centre during construction of the expansion. 


Status : Completed in 1975

Scale : 5 Storeys

Building Height : -

Site Area : ± 60,000 m2

Gross Site Area : -