Edward Leong | Legal Counsel

Edward is a trained lawyer with twenty-five years’ experience in the legal industry. His notable achievements are successfully assisting clients in obtaining funding in relation to their projects in China, Singapore and South East Asia. He also has acted for clients with respect to their family office investments.

Edward has a particular interest in mergers and acquisitions. He has acted successfully for a private equity firm based in Singapore in the acquisition of a Korean asset management firm. He also acted as legal counsel in the public listing of an e-commerce firm in the stock exchange of Singapore. Edward is particularly proud that he has helped his clients found direct investment for a highway project in China.  Recently, Edward successfully assisted his client from Shenzhen in the setting up of a family office in Singapore and is helping him to form a joint venture with an international firm to bid for construction projects over there. These are but some of the highlights of a successful corporate management career.

Edward is recently married. He has a degree in law from the National University of Singapore. In his free time, Edward does some pro bono legal work with individuals who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.  Finally, Edward is a focused and determined individual who will go the extra mile to help his clients achieve their business objectives.

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